Ambulatory Transportation Services

Bedes-Walken Ground Transportation is dedicated to delivering Ground Transportation to Patients who need assistance getting to and from Doctor’s appointments due to the use of sedation that prevents them from safely operating a motor vehicle. Bedes-Walken treats all patients with respect and compassion. Bedes-Walken drivers are professional and experienced driving sedated patients. Bedes-Walken respects and abides by all privacy laws under HIPPA regulations. Bedes-Walken is driven to pick up and drop patients “ON TIME”, allowing for fewer missed appointments.

  • Pick up patients at home or office and take to clinic for procedure.
  • Meet patients in the clinic upon medical release, help them to our car and drive to desired destination.
  • Work with clinic on daily scheduling of patient’s needing transportation.
  • Provide your patients transportation in late model Cadillac and Lincoln Town Cars.
  • Provide clinic with seamless accounting and billing.