Transportation Services

At Bedes-Walken, we offer luxury transportation services for seniors to help them to get to their medical appointments on time and in relaxing comfort.

Instead of struggling to find ways to get to doctor’s appointments, we provide senior citizen transportation and nonemergency patient transportation when no ambulance is required. Relying on family members can be tedious, and using an ambulance when patients are able to walk on their own can be expensive and unnecessary. Bedes-Walken is a medical transportation service for seniors, so we understand the needs of elderly patients and provide comprehensive wheelchair transportation services and rides for ambulatory patients.

We work closely with many dental and medical offices that wish to extend transportation services to their senior and elderly patients. Our drivers are all fully licensed and insured, meeting the requirements of the jurisdiction in which they operate. With a fleet of luxury vehicles, including Lincoln Town Cars and Cadillacs, our drivers provide an escort for the patient-passenger from their door to the reception desk of your medical office or hospital. Once finished with their appointment, our drivers will meet the patient in the lobby and then escort them to their next appointment or drive them back home – whatever the case may be. For safety and security, our drivers will make sure that seniors are inside before leaving as part of our senior citizen transportation services.

Unlike taxis that charge per passenger, our non-emergency transport service doesn’t require extra fees for anyone accompanying patients to their appointments. Our affordable services are available for dental and medical office patients throughout the mid-Atlantic region, from Newark to Baltimore to Washington, D.C. and many other locations.

To learn more, call Bedes-Walken today at 410-319-8807.